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PUDE Chinese Medical therapy treatment

Acupotomy treatment

Indications for acupotomy

Acupotomy was invented by Zhu Hanzhang in 1976. It has significant curative effects on chronic soft tissue injuries, orthopedics, and bone and joint diseases. With a more complete theoretical system and a more complete diagnosis and treatment standard, the scope of indications for treatment has been expanded to medical, surgical, dermatological, facial, and pediatric diseases.

Allusions to acupotomy

The story's cause is an old carpenter accidentally injured by tools in his work. The hand was sore and swollen. After going to the hospital for routine treatment, the swollen pain disappeared, but the injured hand could not hold or stretch. The elderly went to many large hospitals for diagnosis and treatment. Surgical experts have considered surgical treatment, but because of the inability to prevent surgical scars from forming at the blade's edge, the palm's soft tissue adhesion is increased, and they have to give up. When the old man had no way to seek medical treatment, Dr. Zhu Hanzhang was found after introduction. Dr. Zhu Hanzhang inquired about the wounds in detail and felt that the old man's illness was very difficult. After reading a lot of information, I think that the old man's hand cannot move, which may be mainly due to the adhesion of the palmar fascia, tendon, and other tissues to the metacarpal bone. He thinks that if the scar tissue is loosened and the adhesion between the local tissues is ruled out, the affected hand can flex and stretch freely. But such stiff scar tissue was incapable of being treated with acupuncture needles, so he picked up the thicker number 9 needle. After disinfecting the skin of the palm of your hand, puncture the No. 9 needle directly on the tender and scarred scar, puncture a few times, and then puncture the needle tip to the bone surface and swing it a few times, less than half a minute. The needle was pulled out. The old carpenter felt the swell of the palms hot. Then Dr. Zhu Hanzhang put the old man's hand flat on the table, slowly pulling the affected finger and taking advantage of the old man's unpreparedness to push the affected finger suddenly and quickly, only listening to the sound of "squeaking" (a sound of soft tissue tearing). So the miracle appeared, and after the old carpenter's hand hurt, he was at ease at that time. Three days later, the old man could work as a carpenter with ease. The success of this case was also unexpected by Dr. Zhu Hanzhang. Such a "big boss" old soft tissue injury caused severe hand dysfunction patients, really only a few times with a thick needle to completely cure it? It seems that the dysfunction caused by the old injury should be caused by scars and adhesion tissues that restrict the relative movement of local tissues. Later, when Dr. Zhu Hanzhang encountered such patients clinically, he also achieved good results with this method. There are many patients treated in this way, and I feel that the No. 9 needle is still not very smooth. For example, sometimes the adhesion between the tissues is heavy, and it seems weak to pry with the No. 9 needle. So he thought, is it more solid and powerful to change the hollow needle into a solid one? It can be used with strength when it is operated; and when the tip of the sloped needle sticks to the bone surface, it is easy to curl the blade, so why not change it to a flat blade? For better handling, the root of the needle was transformed into a flat handle. In China, in the past, in the practice of medicine called "hanging the pot to save the world", the gourd became a symbol of the practitioner, probably for the sake of auspiciousness, the flat handle was made into a flat gourd shape, so the first "small needle knife" was born. Dr. Ben came into contact with acupuncture 15 years ago and learned acupuncture from Shi Xiaoyang, a direct disciple of Zhu Hanzhang. Dr. Ben also completed the discipleship in 2019 and received the certificate of discipleship in 2023. He is one of the first 4 disciples in Malaysia to obtain discipleship.