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Moxibustion Therapy

The origin of moxibustion

The invention of moxibustion is an important achievement achieved by the primitive people when they used fire. The primitive people found that the painful part of a part of the body after the fire was burned, the pain was relieved, and the affected area was comfortable. Because of the pain in the part, moxibustion therapy was invented. The early primitive people burned the affected area with the fire of the trees, so as to eliminate the cold and evil and relieve the pain. Then it is certain that in a long period of time, people in the primitive society used the fire of trees as moxibustion therapy.

But in the long-term practice, they found that using the fire of trees to moxibustion not only had a poor effect, but also caused a little harm to the human body, so slowly they chose a material for moxibustion and fire, and later on the pine , Cypress, bamboo, horizontal, elm, flag, mulberry, jujube and other Yagi should not be used as a moxibustion fire, and later realized that moxa moxibustion is the most effective. Therefore, there is such a record in the "Huangdi Mingtang Moxibustion Sutra", "In ancient times, the use of fire moxibustion disease, avoiding eight kinds of wood fire, it is advisable to avoid it. There are fire beads shining, with Ai Chengzhi, then the fire is out, this fire Moxibustion is good, mortal soldiers are difficult to prepare." "Acupuncture Shise Jing" quoted "Xia Jing" and said: Gulai moxibustion, bogey pine, cypress, product, orange, elm, jujube, mulberry, bamboo Yagi, should avoid it. Fully realize that using fire from other trees to moxibustion is not only ineffective, but also harmful to the human body, so I slowly realized that using moxibustion is not only effective, but also does not cause any harm to the human body. Slowly replace other moxibustion therapy, moxibustion therapy is produced.