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Paediatric Treatment

Paediatric massage origin

Paediatric massage has a long history and a long history. It is a clinical science that has been continuously developed and improved by ancient working people in the long-term struggle against disease. Paediatric massage is based on the characteristics of the physique, physiology, pathology and specific acupuncture points of the pediatrics. It is specially used for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases in children. It is also called paediatric massage. 

As early as the 14th century BC, knowledge about massage and paediatrics has been documented. This is described in the Western Han Dynasty silk book "Fifty-two Diseases" unearthed in Mawangdui, Changsha, Hunan, China in 1973; the chiropractic method was introduced in the method of treating elbow abdominal pain by Ge Hong's "Elbow Reserve Emergency Formula" in the Jin Dynasty; On behalf of "Preparing Emergency Thousand Gold Essentials", there are methods to prevent and cure children's diseases; "Su Shen Liang Fang" in the Song Dynasty records the treatment of umbilical wind with pinch and other evidence. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, massage therapy was widely used in pediatrics, and developed into a paediatric massage specialist, gradually forming a special system with characteristics. During this period, nearly 30 kinds of pediatric massage monographs were published.

Paediatric massage benefits

Paediatric massage is based on the dialectical theory of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a kind of health care and treatment method to improve children's physique and immune system by acupressure, regulating organs, clearing meridians, reconciling qi and blood, and balancing yin and yang. Paediatric massage is a pure green therapy that can replace some chemical drugs, reduce the toxic and side effects of chemical drugs, enhance the child's natural resistance to disease, prevent viral erosion and breeding, and achieve the purpose of disease treatment and disease-free health care. With the update of modern people's health concepts, many parents have begun to trust and adopt the pure green therapy of paediatric massage. At present, this therapy has become one of the important methods of international child care and treatment.