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PUDE Chinese Medical therapy treatment

Acupotomy treatment

Indications for acupotomy

Acupotomy was invented by Zhu Hanzhang in 1976. It has significant curative effects on chronic soft tissue injuries, orthopedics, and bone and joint diseases. With a more complete theoretical system and a more complete diagnosis and treatment standard, the scope of indications for treatment has been expanded to medical, surgical, dermatological, facial, and pediatric diseases.

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Moxibustion Therapy

The origin of moxibustion

The invention of moxibustion is an important achievement achieved by the primitive people when they used fire. The primitive people found that the painful part of a part of the body after the fire was burned, the pain was relieved, and the affected area was comfortable. Because of the pain in the part, moxibustion therapy was invented. The early primitive people burned the affected area with the fire of the trees, so as to eliminate the cold and evil and relieve the pain. Then it is certain that in a long period of time, people in the primitive society used the fire of trees as moxibustion therapy.

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Paediatric Treatment

Paediatric massage origin

Paediatric massage has a long history and a long history. It is a clinical science that has been continuously developed and improved by ancient working people in the long-term struggle against disease. Paediatric massage is based on the characteristics of the physique, physiology, pathology and specific acupuncture points of the pediatrics. It is specially used for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases in children. It is also called paediatric massage. 

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