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PUDE Chinese Medical therapy treatment

Scrapping (Gua Sha)

Scraping (Gua Sha) is based on the traditional theory of traditional Chinese medicine, using the scraping board as a medium, and adjusting the whole body according to the stimulation of acupuncture points.

What is 'Sha'? Many people have this question. It is a method of scrapping skin until it is getting hotter and hotter, gradually reddening, and then there are dots or flakes of bleeding. What does this feel like? Our blood vessels are like flowing rivers. When the river is scraped away, the sand slowly emerges. So ah, the ancients were so wise! What are these points or diseases? Stasis. Where is the thinnest part of our body? Capillaries. These capillaries are the easiest to block. When the blood circulates slowly through the blocked place, the blood in the back continues to push forward, and the blood cells in the front will be deficient in oxygen and nutrients and then die blocked there, and then it will affect the blood circulation there.

Scraping characteristics:

Simple: If you feel uncomfortable, pick up a board and gently scrape it, and you will no longer feel pain once the blood circulation is smooth.
Convenient: Scraping board in hand, can be treated anytime, anywhere.
Effect: The effect of treating disease without disease and preventing disease.
Comfort: It's a kind of enjoyment in life to gently soothe the painless and slightly painful and happy.

Precautions for scraping

  1. It is best to choose a quiet and comfortable place with soft light.
  2. Never scratch the air conditioner and fan.
  3. Lubricant should be applied.
  4. Don't force out the fever.
  5. Drink proper amount of warm water after finishing.
  6. Avoid wind and cold when you are done.
  7. Take a shower after 2 hours, preferably a warm bath.
  8. It can be once a week after retreat.
  9. That is, the needle tool using the small needle knife is adjusted and integrated in a solid theoretical and clinically accurate assessment and method to adapt to the unique disease spectrum and acceptance of Malaysians.


  1. Pregnant women are forbidden to shave waist, abdomen, shoulder Jingtianzong and other points.
  2. Scraping is prohibited at the fracture site.
  3. Skin diseases, tumors, and unknown subcutaneous masses are forbidden to scrape.
  4. Fasting, low blood sugar, excessive fatigue, especially sensitive skin, avoid shaving.
  5. Avoid scratching coagulation mechanism obstacles.
  6. The elderly frail people scrape lightly.