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PUDE Chinese Medical therapy treatment

Pediatric Massage

Pediatric massage is a green therapy with Chinese characteristics. It can cure pediatric diseases that trouble parents by using only a pair of gentle and favorable hands to massage at specific points in children without taking medicine or injections. It is a green therapy with no side effects by referring to the needle and replacing the medicine with the hand. At present, this therapy has become one of the important methods of international child care and treatment.

Can all children do pediatric massage?

In general, if the child has no special symptoms, most children can do pediatric massage. Babies who do massage therapy can improve immunity and improve intelligence. Doing massage therapy once a week can greatly reduce the chance of children getting infections. For children who have a fever and a cold when they are sick, massage can help shorten the course of the disease and reduce medication.

The benefits of pediatric massage:

  1. Quick effect and good effect:
    A lot of clinical practice has proved that the treatment of cold, cough, indigestion, diarrhea, night crying, torticollis and other diseases in children's massage is significantly better than that of drug therapy.
  2. Green therapy:
    As long as the diagnosis of the disease is accurate and it is properly treated in accordance with the operation method of pediatric massage, there will be no unsafe conditions. Application of pediatric massage to treat diseases will not cause any side effects and complications.
  3. Enhance physical fitness, preventive health care:
    Why is it always easy for children to get sick again and again, but it won't cure for a long time? Pediatric massage can improve the child's immunity and enhance physical fitness through comprehensive conditioning and assisting the child's righteousness, so that the child's physical health is in an optimal state. This can also promote children's growth and brain health.