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PUDE Chinese Medical therapy treatment

Orthopedics Traumatology

In the treatment of muscle and muscle pain, especially in the treatment of painful diseases such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, knee osteoarthritis, based on the idea of ​​"equal stress on muscles and bones", the traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory and modern medicine Combining the anatomical basis and biomechanics, with the purpose of "alleviating pain, functional rehabilitation, and improving quality of life", a set of non-surgical treatment techniques has been summarized and inherited, namely, acupotomy, beryllium acupuncture and chiropractic. Technology, drug ultrasound introduction technology, physical therapy functional rehabilitation technology. The four technologies are interrelated and relatively independent, forming a flexible treatment system for muscle injuries.

In terms of fracture treatment, with the concept of minimally invasive, highlighting the traditional features of traditional Chinese medicine, highlighting the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine bones, small splints, external fixators, minimally invasive nails, percutaneous screw fixation and other fracture treatment advantages, forming manual bone setting, device fixation, and traditional Chinese medicine , Four-in-one fracture treatment system for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine intervention for orthopedic diseases, it emphasizes the application of traditional Chinese medicine "holistic concept, syndrome differentiation and treatment" in orthopedics. Following the principle of "treatment both internally and externally", pay attention to the internal and external dialectical relationship between "viscers" and "muscles and bones". For cervical vertigo, chronic low back pain, osteoporosis, and osteoporotic fractures (such as simple thoracolumbar compression fractures, distal radius fractures) and other diseases, while local treatment, active overall conditioning.