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What is moxibustion?

The so-called moxibustion is the use of compositae moxa leaves as raw materials to make moxa, moxa sticks or moxa sticks, which are burned by various methods on certain acupuncture points, directly or indirectly with appropriate thermal stimulation, through A method of meridian conduction to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment and health care.

In the Qing Dynasty, Wu Yiding said in "Shenxi Moxibustion": "The husband moxibustion is taken from the fire, and the fire is hot and fast, the body is soft and strong, and it can dispel the yin. Xiang Zuo Kang, can pass the twelve meridians, enter the three yin, and regulate qi and blood to cure all diseases.

Moxibustion can not only cure diseases, but also prevent diseases. In the Tang Dynasty Sun Simiao's "Thousand Gold Recipes" said: "Everyone travels to Wushu and often needs two or three moxibustions in their body....then malaria and malaria can't hurt people." In heavy areas, it is not easy to get sick after moxibustion.

The ancients said: "Acupuncture does not do what is appropriate for moxibustion." and "Every medicine fails, if the needle is not enough, moxibustion is necessary" Explain that moxibustion is still a priority in certain aspects.

Although moxibustion slightly burns the skin, it does not reach into the body like acupuncture, so people are willing to receive it without fear. It is a very easy to promote treatment method.