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TCM Internal Medicine

TCM Internal Medicine
Modern people's life rhythm is tense, stressful, sleepless at night, lack exercise, irregular meals and most of them eat out, which makes people prone to fatigue, insomnia, and poor sleep quality in a sub-healthy physiological state.

As a result, different symptoms of the heart, liver, spleen, stomach, lungs, kidneys, and other organs appear, such as:
❗ Fast heartbeat
❗ Grumpy
❗Stomach pain
❗ Cough
❗ Frequent urination at night
❗Waist and knee pain
❗ Rubella
❗ Sweating
❗Skin diseases, etc.

Prevention is better than cure. Traditional Chinese medicine is good at regulating various symptoms caused by various reasons. The cure is based on the root, find the source and make adjustments to restore the body to health, for the sake of yourself and your family and children, but also to take care of your own health.

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