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The elderly are not only more ill than the young, but mainly because after entering old age, the human tissue structure further ages, the functions of various organs gradually become impaired, the physical resistance gradually weakens, the acting ability is reduced, and the synergistic function is lost.

☯️Traditional Chinese medicine often uses acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and moxibustion to regulate and supplement the functions of various organs in the treatment of geriatric diseases; to warm the blood vessels, reconcile qi and blood, coordinate yin and yang, strengthen the righteousness and eliminate pathogens, so as to achieve the effect of disease treatment, disease prevention, health care, and health preservation.

⛔️Common geriatric diseases:
❗️ Frequent urination
❗️Chronic cough
❗️Waist and knee pain
❗️ Lower extremity edema
❗️ Limb paralysis
❗️Lower limb weakness
❗️Coronary Heart Disease
❗️High blood pressure
❗️Stroke etc.

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