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Pediatric Massage

Pediatric massage
Pediatric massage is a green therapy characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine. It does not take medicine, does not inject, and only relies on a pair of gentle and favorable hands to massage specific acupoints in children to cure the pediatric diseases that bother parents. It is a green therapy with no side effects, which is based on pointers and hands instead of medicines. At present, therapy has become one of the important methods of international children's health care and treatment.

👶Can all children do Pediatric Massage?
Generally speaking, if children have no special symptoms, most children can do pediatric massage. Babies usually do massage to improve their immunity and improve their intelligence. Doing massage health care once a week can greatly reduce the chance of infection in children. When children are sick, such as with fever or cold, massage can help shorten the course of the disease and reduce medication.

How is pediatric massage treatment performed?
The time of manipulation varies according to different manipulations, and each treatment generally does not exceed 30 minutes. The course of treatment depends on the age of the child, physical strength, and severity of the disease.

👶Benefits of Pediatric Massage:
✅Quick effect, good curative effect
A large number of clinical practices have proved that the curative effect of pediatric massage in the treatment of colds, coughs, indigestion, diarrhea, night crying, torticollis, and other diseases are obviously stronger than that of medication treatment.

✅Green Therapy
As long as the diagnosis of the disease is accurate and the treatment is carried out reasonably according to the operation methods of pediatric massage, there will be no unsafe situation. There will be no side effects and complications when using pediatric massage to treat diseases.

✅Enhance physical fitness, preventative health care
Why is it that children are always prone to repeated attacks and cannot be cured for a long time? Pediatric massage can comprehensively regulate and assist children's righteousness, improve children's immunity, enhance physical fitness, and make children's health an optimal state. This can also promote children's growth and brain development at the same time.

Who is suitable for pediatric massage therapy?
Pediatric massage is generally suitable for children under the age of 6.

👶What should I pay attention to before massage treatment?
• Do not overeat or go to treatment on an empty stomach
• wear loose clothing

👶What should I pay attention to after massage treatment?
❗️Pay attention to shelter from the wind and keep warm, so as not to be invaded by external evils and aggravate the disease
❗️ Drink warm water in moderation
❗️ Eat less cold, sweet, and greasy food

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