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【Postpartum Medicated Diet】🤱

【Postpartum Medicated Diet】🤱

☯The postpartum medicated diet is under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine, culinary science, and nutrition theory, strictly according to the medicated diet formula, the traditional Chinese medicine is matched with some foods with medicinal value. The delicious food, that is, the food made from a combination of medicinal materials and ingredients.

💝It "integrates medicine with food", which not only uses the medicine as food, but also gives food medicinal use, medicine uses food power, and food helps medicine. The two complement each other and complement each other, enabling women to recover in a very short time after giving birth to previous physical conditions.

👩‍🍼Postpartum immunity will decline and various bodily functions will decline, so the diet should be light, eat more food that promotes the discharge of lochia, and also food that helps to nourish the blood. Tonic should not be rushed, but gradually.

🥣 Food supplements should be taken (periodically) to avoid eating and drinking; because the contraction function of the whole body cells and the exhaustion of the internal organs have not fully recovered after childbirth, if you eat high-fat and high-nutrient foods at this time, the tired body will be difficult to absorb, Instead, it creates a burden on the body. This is what Chinese medicine calls "deficiency not to be supplemented".

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