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【COVID-19 can cause Brain Atrophy⁉️】🧠

【COVID-19 can cause Brain Atrophy⁉️】🧠

The University of Oxford researches that the COVID-19 can cause brain atrophy. In response to this topic, the TCM physicians of the PUDE Chinese Medical also discussed how traditional Chinese medicine can provide assistance and treatment in this area. Whether you are recovering from COVID-19 or want to do brain recuperation, PUDE Chinese Medical is ready to help!

🧠Brain atrophy, its reflection is that the spirit and psychology are relatively unable to operate normally. Brain atrophy is an organic disease of the brain. From an anatomical point of view, the brain is connected to the vertebrae through the cerebrum, so as to control the basic movement of the body, such as controlling breathing, heartbeat, digestion, and other coordinated activities.

Acupuncture medicine believes that this disease is a modern civilization disease caused by cerebral ischemia caused by the secondary lesions of chronic cervical spondylosis.

The need for prevention is even more apparent as the number of people working with their heads down has soared today. Among various types of cervical spondylosis, cerebral ischemia caused by vertebral artery compression is the main cause of Alzheimer's disease and even brain atrophy.

⛔️ Abnormal blood pressure
⛔️Chronic fatigue embolism

The needle operated by the needle knife was redesigned by Mr. Zhu Hanzhang. It is derived from the sharp needles in the ancient nine needles and has the function of promoting blood circulation in the brain.

✅The needle-knife lift is actually a large-scale and powerful lift of the filigree needle to strengthen the operation of intensified meridian qi. At the same time, the needle port has a "blade", which is used to loosen the hardened fascia in the soft tissue of the cervical spine and suboccipital bone, and achieve the effect of "solving with ease".

The award-winning paper written by Dr. Ben Tang Kok Hong at the Nanjing International Acupotomy Academic Conference in 2014 revealed the thinking of Huangdi Nei Jing in the treatment of "forgetfulness" and the idea of ​​acupotomy in the treatment of soft tissue damage and lesions. The advantages of dementia are evident.

❗The above article was published by Guanghua Daily and the third prize of  Dr. Ben Tang Kok Hong, Malaysian representative of the Nanjing International Symposium on Acupuncture and Acupuncture in 2014, for writing the paper "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Medicine Treatment Thinking Shallow Probe Knife Prevents Alzheimer's Disease" ❗

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