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PUDE Traditional Chinese Medicine Introduction

About Us

The Origin of PUDE Chinese Medicine. . . For an original intention and heritage.

As a medical practitioner, it is important to understand that life can be healed through a proper process which is professionally guided. Therefore, with more than 20 years of experience in treating and consulting patients, we've become more confident in providing various Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) treatments and services to our patients. Our lead TCM Doctor is a graduate from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1999 with a bachelor's degree in Chinese Medicine. He started practicing his chinese medical work in a clinic and later he joined a hospital to further broaden his TCM experiences before he started his own TCM center. He started PUDE Chinese Medical by renting a room to run his TCM consultancy and treatment. With the growth of its patients, PUDE Chinese Medical later moved to the current center located in Kepong. Our lead TCM Doctor continued his practise of TCM and also took up part-time study for 6 years, he was then awarded with the Ph.D. With several TCM doctors now available, our TCM center is expanding to serve more patients. We believe that human beings may go through hard and rough stages in life but with our ability to provide treatment to sicknesses and improve our patients lives, it continues to give us more reasons to grow our medical careers experience and knowledge.

Year 2020 is indeed a turning point for PUDE Chinese Medical. Many diseases and sicknesses are seen natural from many clinics' perspective. However, with the outbreak of the dangerous Covid-19 epidemic, the Chinese Medicine clinic needs a transformation model to counter in such panic moment and needs of more effective treatments. It is essential to increase the treatment ability as well as to provide the right medical services to our patients. We are grateful for our patients who have come forward to seek for medical check ups. We are extending our strength, by spending countless hours writing papers, learning new experience and to have team discussion on the clinical issues and forming theoritical joint model, in order to provide efficient and effective treatments to our patients. Our three physicians have multiplied their strengths to learn their own medicine and integrate their abilities to exert their own specialties. This will add empathy to the medical ethics envisaged by the doctor-patient position. We believe this will bring success in our TCM career in treating and helping our patients in tough times.

As the world is constantly evolving, Chinese Medicine has to have the ability to adapt and change with the new era. We believe to continuously improve not only on our specialties but also having a brand new outlook in operation to meet our patients comfort and satisfaction. Therefore, we will continue to move forwards without forgetting our original intention in providing best medical care services to our patients. We wish to extend our blessings and best hopes to our partners who progressively work together with PUDE. PUDE Chinese Medical is moving forward to another new milstone.

PUDE Chinese Medical Acupuncture Treatment